iOS Microsoft Whiteboard app updates with improved login functionality and crash fixes

Brad Stephenson

The Microsoft Whiteboard app updated to Version 20.10615.0.5289 this week on Apple’s iOS devices. This latest update doesn’t add any major features but it does refine several aspects of the login function by improving several aspects and reducing crashed.

Here’s the full release notes with all of the details:

  • Improved Conditional Access support for login, invite, opening boards, and sync.
  • New error message when trying to login with a work account without having the Microsoft Authenticator app installed.
  • Fixed crash at login when a PIN is required.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free cloud-based digital space for collaborating on projects visually on a, well, digital whiteboard. It’s available on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices and has evolved quite a bit since its original launch.

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