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iO, another Game Troopers title, takes off on Windows 10 Mobile

Game Troopers is at it again. The studio, which frequently makes games of all different types for Windows 10, has put out their latest title. The game is called iO, and it’s actually a fairly fresh-looking game that seems like it could be enjoyed by all different audiences. It’s a puzzle game that has you manage momentum, size, and speed in a very retro platformer setting.

While iO doesn’t look like much, it promises to provide entertainment through its sheer simplicity. As these puzzle games frequently do, iO offers an easy-to-grasp premise that should escalate into some interesting brain teasers. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can grab iO for $5 on the Windows store.

iO the Game
iO the Game
Price: $4.99
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What do you think of iO's premise?