Greetings everyone,

I’ve got a couple of great articles in the works that I hope everyone will enjoy.

Practical IPv6 for Windows Networks

I’ve been doing heavy research on the upcoming IPv6 standard and am currently testing IPv6 in Windows networks in a dual stack configuration. I currently have entirely dual stack IPv4/v6 configuration on my home network with full access to the IPv6 internet. My article will cover some basics of IPv6, IPv6 management in Windows, IPv6 in Windows Domains, and how the transition will affect your network applications.

Chances are you will be evaluating IPv6 in the coming years so I hope I can help get you started on the journey.

Name Resolution in Windows

One area that seems to be fairly ambiguous to people is just how name resolution works in Windows? I’ve met many IT Administrators whom are familiar with NETBIOS and the basics of DNS, but not many know of how the technologies are used and more importantly, what the future of name resolution is in Windows. This article will cover in depth features of how name resolution works in Windows, the technologies involved, and how to tweak them. The article will also go over what’s in store with name resolution as the future progresses, including the proposed mDNS standard, LLMNR, and DNSSec.

These are quite difficult to write as I am in the process of researching and learning the information. I will not write about something of which I don’t understand at least enough to be comfortable with in using on a daily basis. I hope my articles will help others to understand some of the fast changing technologies in IT and perhaps even help me to have a better understanding.