With the introduction of Microsoft Lumia, comes the end for the Windows Phone brand

Lumia 830

It was recently announced that Microsoft is planning to switch from the Nokia Lumia branding to Microsoft Lumia for it’s upcoming Windows Phones. This new change means all future Lumia devices will see Microsoft on the front of their devices instead of Nokia, and on social networking Nokia Lumia will rather obviously become Microsoft Lumia.

Something that hasn’t been talked much about is what’s happening to the Windows Phone branding. You’d reckon it stays the same right? Microsoft Lumia running Windows Phone, well apparently not. The official Windows Phone Facebook page recently announced that they are changing their name of their Facebook page from Windows Phone to Microsoft Lumia, does this mean the Microsoft Lumia branding is here to replace the Windows Phone branding?

“In the next few days you’ll receive a message directly from Facebook about the name of this page changing. We’re about to become Microsoft Lumia! Watch this space for more news soon.” -Microsoft Facebook

No. It’s a whole lot more than that. The Windows Phone brand is going away altogether, regardless of the Microsoft Lumia brand change. Windows Phone will simply become just Windows, running on all devices. For example, instead of the new Microsoft Lumia 935 for Windows Phone, it’d simply be Microsoft Lumia 935 for Windows. HTC is already doing this with the HTC One M8 for Windows.

We assume the Windows Phone marketing will move over to the official Windows channels dedicated to the software which runs on all of these devices, and the Windows Phone channels will become the Microsoft Lumia channels, which focus specifically on the new Microsoft Lumia hardware.

This falls in line with recent rumors regarding the Windows Phone brand going away completely. It looks like everything is starting to fall in place for the lead up to Windows 10. Windows 10 is set to run on everything, including PC’s, tablets, phones, Xbox and big TV’s.

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