Introducing the Dell XPS Duo Hybrid Tablet

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Forget the Dell Inspiron Duo. Dell has finally introduced the Dell XPS Duo, an ultrabook with a tilting touch screen allowing you to convert it into a tablet without any removable parts.

Dell has announced the Dell XPS Duo, a larger and much more faster “clone” of the Dell Inspiron Duo. Featuring a 12.5 inch Full HD screen (compared to a 10 inch), it contains “edge-to-edge Coring Gorilla Glass” and features up to an Intel Core i7. The computer was on display and could be used at IFA 2012.

Introducing the Dell XPS Duo Hybrid Tablet - - August 30, 2012

Because the screen flips, the computer can be used as a laptop or a tablet, in which it could be called a “hybrid.” The shell is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber and will be available at the end of October, the same time Windows 8 is available which is coming up pretty soon!

The price of the upcoming product has yet to be announced.

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