Intrexx Compact improves business process efficiency for SMEs

London, 29 November 2010 – United Planet (, one of the leading developers of Enterprise Portal software in Europe, has introduced Intrexx Compact for small-to-medium sized (SME) companies. Designed to improve knowledge sharing, internal communications and enhance business processes, it offers over 50 ready-to-use, web-based applications and templates for SMEs with up to 25 workstations. The modular approach to portal development enables businesses to deploy applications that are tailored to address the specific requirements of SMEs and also provides access to all company data from mobile devices such as the iPhone or BlackBerry.

Axel Wessendorf, managing director of United Planet explains: “Enterprise portals are increasingly in demand from small and mid-sized companies. This is not surprising as no other solution enables business processes to be streamlined so quickly and effectively. A portal is the best way to centralise data storage whilst guaranteeing easy access to the latest information about customers, projects, resources, new product information and sales opportunities – even on the go. This is of vital importance for a small team that may spend a lot of time out on the road but still needs to access business data anywhere, anytime.”

Intrexx Compact helps small businesses to manage customer data, create sales reports and documents, organise appointments and resources such as company cars, and archive contracts and letters centrally. Data from other software programs (i.e. accounting) can be integrated into the portal with ease and thereafter also accessed via mobile devices. Specialist knowledge can be shared across the entire company and updated as soon as new information comes to light. All employees are able to submit updates to the portal with the appropriate authorisation. An integrated search engine is incorporated into Intrexx Compact to increase the speed with which the portal can be searched for information, using either a browser or via a smartphone.

The comprehensive communication options in Intrexx Compact help managers to simplify the process of organising customer appointments, scheduling tasks, identifying priority actions and confirming follow-up meetings with appropriate staff, at the click of a mouse. Supervisors and co-workers can check current project status at any time. The ability to create a traceable customer history by logging the completion of a variety of customer-related activities – the signing of a new contract, approval of meeting notes or an update to project documents – provides much needed reassurance for the company that the team can continue working effectively, even if a member of staff is absent.

New applications can be created independently using the ready-to-use components and customisable layout available in Intrexx Compact. New functionality can be integrated into existing processes in no time at all and without any programming knowledge. The Intrexx Application Store also offers hundreds of free and competitively priced vendor-developed applications which can be integrated into the portal with a simple point and click.

The Intrexx Compact starter pack, including five user licenses, is available for a limited introductory period for only 49 euros (normal retail price 398 euros). The upgrade package contains 20 additional licenses and is available for a one-off cost of 1,250 euros. All other supporting software programs (e.g. database or web server) are included.

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