Intrexx bridges the gap between Apple and the business world with enterprise portal software for Mac OS X

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London, 31 January 2011 – United Planet (, one of the leading developers of Enterprise Portal software in Europe, has introduced Intrexx for Mac OS X to enable companies to create and operate web-based business applications and Enterprise Portals for the Mac environment.

Axel Wessendorf, CEO of United Planet, explains that: “No one can doubt the popularity of the iPhone and iPad in the business world. More and more companies are now also using Apple computers across the business, and not just in a marketing or design environment. But whilst it is not surprising that business users are moving towards the Mac, given the world-renowned intuitiveness of its operating system, it could be suggested that it has been lacking powerful business software that will enable it to break into more mainstream business environments. We intend to bridge this gap with Intrexx for Mac OS X,” he adds.

Mac users will now be able to optimise their business processes by creating and operating web-based business applications and Enterprise Portals with the familiar Apple ‘look and feel’. With Intrexx they will be able to create business applications to improve document management, customer data and resource management, to automate application processes (e.g. applying for holiday time), or set up self-service portals for staff, partners or customers, without the need for complex programming or development. Companies will be able to extend their use of Apple computers to include effective information distribution management and business process improvement.

Intrexx also enables companies to make all business applications and data residing on the company portal (e.g. customer records, staff schedules) available on mobile devices, such as the iPhone, BlackBerry or iPad, with all of the appropriate device controls and functions, with a simple ‘point and click’. As the Intrexx portal runs in the iPhone or iPad browser, there is no need to install the software on the device itself. The user simply logs on via the Internet to gain full access to the applications residing on the Enterprise Portal.

Providing employees with the possibility to access important company data or being involved in all business processes at any time and from anywhere, this opens up completely new opportunities for businesses. During meetings within the company building, staff will even be able to use WiFi to access all important information via their iPod.

United Planet offers a two-user version of Intrexx for only 49 euros. A variety of business applications can be downloaded from the United Planet Intrexx Application Store ( to enable companies to select their preferred combination of software solutions for their business.

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