Interoute provides Europe’s enterprises secure cloud hosting solutions


Interoute’s Geneva Security and Hosting Operations Centre attains ISO 27001

London, UK – 26 October 2010, Interoute, owner operator of Europe’s most advanced next-generation network, today announced it has received ISO 27001 certification for its Hosting and Security Operations Centre (SHOC) in Geneva. The internationally recognised ‘best practice’ security management standard assures enterprises of Interoute’s continuous commitment to securing their critical data.

With 74.6% of businesses rating the biggest challenge to cloud computing as security, (1) organisations are looking for assurances that the right levels of data security are in place to protect critical data held in the cloud. As owner and protector of Europe’s largest private cloud, Interoute provides enterprises with the confidence that data trusted to its managed hosting and outsourcing solutions is secure.

“As more businesses look to outsource critical data to managed cloud computing solutions, it is imperative that we ensure the best standards of data security,” said Joe Stevens, Operations Security Director at Interoute. “In operating Europe’s largest private cloud, we understand the importance of data protection in this environment. The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting data entrusted to our managed hosting solutions.’

Interoute offers a full portfolio of managed hosting and security solutions for enterprises, providing dedicated capacity and protected transmission products, MPLS VPN, DDoS protection, firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Protection Services, as well as secure managed hosting solutions.

The integration and adoption of ITIL and ISO 27001 best practices into Interoute’s operations management provides the necessary quality and security assurances for enterprises looking to outsource their critical data. Interoute’s accredited security management system now encompasses its Operations Centres in Prague and Geneva, as well as five Data Centres in four European countries.

Interoute is committed to providing solutions that will protect enterprises from security risks and support compliance requirements. Interoute provides valuable insight into malicious activity on the internet through the Interoute Internet Barometer. The security barometer collects data from 22 high performance sensors built into the core of the European Internet, logging the source, destination and type of malicious activity, to provide organisations with valuable insight to help them defend against attacks on their network.