Internet as hard to give up as cigarettes and liquor

Remember that time when you had to move to your new apartment or house and you had no internet connection for a while? It was a horrible experience right? Well, you are not alone. A new study in the UK determined that many internet users are as addicted as cigarette smokers and alcoholics.

The study, conducted by Intersperience, surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 in the UK and concluded that people are addicted to the internet, as well as social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many survey takers stated that giving up the internet for just one day was as hard as quitting smoking or drinking, cold-turkey. Wow, pretty bad. A few respondents stated that not having the internet was “like having my hand chopped off” and “my biggest nightmare.”

A week ago, we talked about how people are so addicted to Facebook. Apparently, one in every thirteen people on the planet earth has a Facebook profile, while half of which are online on any given day. 48% of those in the 18 – 34 year old category will check their Facebook immediately upon waking up. Yeah, that’s a little obsessed. 28% of people will check their profiles on their smartphone before getting out of bed.

“Online and digital technology is increasingly pervasive. Our Digital Selves research shows how just dominant a role it now assumes, influencing our friendships, the way we communicate, the fabric of our family life, our work lives, our purchasing habits and our dealings with organisations,” stated Paul Hudson, Chief Executive of Intersperience.

“We have gathered clear evidence that the UK has fully entered the Digital Age. This has profound implications for society both from a personal and commercial perspective.”

This study may be UK based, but chances are, the results will be the same if not worse for the United States. I remember speaking to a friend of mine who explicitly stated that she felt “lonely” and “depressed” when not able to email or text.

Have you experienced a similar issue? Are you able to admit that you are addicted to the internet, social media, or technology in general? Post your feedback in the comments below!

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