Internet Explorer to receive silent updates, follows Chrome and Firefox's footsteps

Microsoft revealed today that the company will be silently updating Internet Explorer from now on, in order to take the responsibility out of the hands of users to keep the web safer. This move mimics Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, who also silently receive updates.

Starting January 2012, users will receive automatic upgrades of Internet Explorer to the newest version for that particular operating system version. Those on Windows XP and running IE6 or IE7 will be automatically updated to IE8. Those on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and running IE7 or IE8 will be automatically updated to IE9.

Microsoft is apparently tired of waiting for the user to grant permission before upgrading Internet Explorer, even if Windows' automatic updates are enabled. Microsoft will, fortunately, allow companies to retain control of the upgrades by allowing them to ignore the upgrade offer after it has already been declined.

So how will it work? Internet Explorer will only be silently upgraded if you have opted into having automatic updates on Windows Update.

Chrome may be the only browser that currently upgrades to the latest version automaticaly, Mozilla is also on track to debut the same feature with Firefox soon.

Microsoft is currently planning on starting this new means of updating in Australia and Brazil next month, and then expand to other markets. No word on exactly when it will start in the United States.

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