Internet Explorer market share can't make up its mind -
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Internet Explorer market share can't make up its mind

According to the latest browser market share by Net application, Microsoft's overall browser usage has declined while Internet explorer 9 usage is constantly increasing.

According to the latest browser market share figure released by Net Application, Microsoft's Internet explorer browser usage has declined going down to 54.4 percent from 55.3 percent. Google web browser, Chrome, had gained some market share going up to 16.2 percent from 15.5. Also, Firefox, Mozilla's web browser, remains stagnant with an overall market share of 22 percent.

But what is really important to notice with Net application browser data share is the constant increase of IE9 browser usage. According to the same data released by Net Application, the overall usage of IE9 on windows 7, microsoft latest operation system, has increased both internally and within the US with a overall browser usage of 22 percent and 31 percent respectively. This data shows a constant increase of browser usage share on windows 7 from month to month.

While the overall browser usage decline seems bad news for Microsoft, as bloggers all over the internet were busy reporting, looking at these data shows the strategy of Microsoft with internet explorer is actually working. Microsoft has released IE9 only on Windows 7 and Vista to take advantage of better technology such as hardware acceleration and the adaption of web standard. The overall brower usage of IE9 on both OS is higher than any brower and is constantly increasing while IE6 is becoming less relevant.

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