Internet Explorer 10 climbs to 6.02% in market share as of April 2013, catching up to IE6

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Internet Explorer 10 April 2013 market share

April 2013 has come to a close and its time to see how well Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser did against its competitors, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. Internet Explorer has actually gone down by 0.02% in market share when compared to the previous month!

Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft’s latest browser version, currently holds a 6.02% market share, up from 2.93% the previous month! Internet Explorer 8 continues to lead at the top spot with a 23.08% market share. Google’s Chrome 26 comes in at 13.22%, dethroning Mozilla Firefox from the second place spot. Firefox 19 rounds out the top-three list with a 9.57% share.

As far as Internet Explorer is concerned, Internet Explorer 8 is still number one when compared to other editions of Microsoft’s internet browser. Internet Explorer 9 comes in second place with a 18.17% share, while Internet Explorer 6 comes in with a 6.22% share. Internet Explorer 10 is close to surpassing that figure with a 6.02% share.

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