Internet Explorer gets its September security updates

Internet Explorer gets its September security updates

Back in the days of Internet Explorer 6 the browser became a bit of a joke, not to mention a security nightmare. But since then, Microsoft has stepped up its game, improving security and making its product compatible with today’s web standards. 

But nothing is ever completely secure, which leads to the occasional patches and security bulletins. That’s brings us to the September update, which the company has now outlined. Bulletin MS14-052 is set to resolve known problems, one of which was made public, though the other 25 (yes 25!) were privately reported to the company. 

There also a fix, perhaps not surprisingly, for Flash. The Adobe program has been in a race to the bottom with Java for sometime, with both becoming known for security problems. “This security update for Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 on supported editions of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 is also available. The details of the vulnerabilities are documented in Adobe security bulletin APSB14-21”, Microsoft states in the announcement. 

If you have automatic updates turned on then you should receive everything just fine. If not then either enable it or download and install manually. For the average user this should be enabled, though the tech savvy out there frequently change these settings to suit their needs. 

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