Internet Explorer dominates Chrome and Firefox with a 55.82% browser market share as of Feb 2013

WinBeta Feb 2013 Browser

According to new data from Net Applications for the month of February 2013, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser is still dominating Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox in browser market share. As of February 2013, Internet Explorer has a 55.82% market share, while Chrome accounts for 16.27% and Firefox accounting for 20.12%.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is currently dominating in market share over newer editions of the browser with a 23.38% market share. Internet Explorer 9 has a 21.67% share while the new Internet Explorer 10 owns 1.58% of the browser market share, up by 0.29% from the previous month. Microsoft just recently released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, so expect this number to increase slightly for next month's data. On the other side of the fence, Mozilla's Firefox went up slightly (+0.18%) in market share while Google's Chrome dropped slightly (-1.21%) in market share.

WinBeta Feb 2013 Browser

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