Internet Explorer continues unrivaled dominance, boasts 58.38% market share

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Internet Explorer continues its unrivaled dominance, boasts 58.38% market share

Much like the market share of different operating systems, the new stats for various web browsers is out too. According to market researcher, Net Applications, Internet Explorer continues what seems to be an unrivaled dominance in the browser war.

According to the stats available for the month of June, Internet Explorer -- accounting for all the versions -- is used by over 58.38 percent of users. Internet Explorer is ahead of Google Chrome, which only has 19.34 percent share, whereas at 15.54 percent, Mozilla Firefox holds the third position.

Breaking it down further, the current Internet Explorer version, IE 11 is now used by 17.01% (down from 17.03%) of all the desktops and laptops around the world. Whereas, Internet Explorer 10 holds 6.37% (down from 6.77%) market share and 9.03% of users still rely on Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 8, which comes as the default browser in Windows 7 -- the operating system which has over 50% market share in the OS space -- is used by 21.25% of users -- which is higher than 20.83% it had in May.

Google Chrome version 35.0 is used by 12.5% of users, whereas Firefox 30 has 5.62% share. Other browsers including Opera Mini, Safari, Maxthon, Torch etc account for 22.46% of the share.

Internet Explorer continues unrivaled dominance, boasts 58.38% market share

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