Internet Explorer 9 TV commercial receives parody treatment (video)

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We all remember the new TV commercial Microsoft made for Internet Explorer 9 recently, which basically highlights all of Internet Explorer 9’s qualities and features. Now, a new (and obviously unofficial) video has surfaced that makes fun of this commercial.

The video is created by a group called WorldWide Interweb and is titled as “Internet Explorer 9 Commercial – The Honest Version”, and is complete with the same music as the original commercial. In fact, Clippy makes a return! Take a look below:

Are these guys on to something? Do people prefer Internet Explorer over other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox? According to statistics from StatCounter, Google’s Chrome browser is the world’s most popular browser beating out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer has also seen a decline in market share over the past year, while Chrome has increased in share. Are people ditching Internet Explorer slowly but surely? Take a look below for the original Internet Explorer 9 TV Commercial, in case you missed it:

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