Internet Explorer 9 continues to smash competition on Windows 7 in browser market share

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta May 1st, 2012 inNews

Microsoft is proud to announce once again that it’s Internet Explorer 9 browser is still at the top in browser market share. In a new blog post, Microsoft states that Internet Explorer 9 continues to grow on Windows 7 while smashing its competitors such as Chrome and Firefox.

Citing data from Net Applications because of their “depth and quality of their methodology,” Microsoft announced today that Internet Explorer 9 has seen continued growth on the Windows 7 operating system. As of April 2012, Internet Explorer 9 has hit 35.5% worldwide browser market share and 52.9% US browser market share. “This continues to be great news for consumers and developers alike who can benefit from the richer web experiences and standards support in IE9,” Microsoft adds.

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