Internet Explorer 12 to feature Chrome-like UI and extensions

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Information regarding the next version of Internet Explorer has leaked onto the web this morning which detail a number of upcoming changes to the browser. According to the report, Internet Explorer 12 will include a brand new Chrome-like user interface and a more functional extensions system, one way better than the current plugins ability with Internet Explorer 11.

As stated above, the new user interface resembles that from Chrome, but with Microsoft’s Modern UI twist. On top are the tabs, with the address bar and back/forward buttons below them. We expect to see Internet Explorer 12 arrive with Windows Threshold in 2015, and perhaps an early preview with the Windows Technical Preview arriving at the end of this month.

Microsoft is also said to be building more support for extensions, unlike the current plugin system IE11 has which isn’t very flexible and usually very clunky. The extensions are said to work much like they do in FireFox and Chrome, which would be an awesome addition to the Internet Explorer family.

Microsoft is doing all it can to make consumers like the browser again. Internet Explorer has this brand which everybody just says “no” to even before using it. Perhaps we’ll see Microsoft rebrand Internet Explorer to something new with this upcoming release? Who knows!

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