Internet Explorer 11 skyrockets in market share from 3.27% to 10.01% as of Dec 2013

Internet Explorer 11 skyrockets in market share from 3.27% to 10.01% as of Dec 2013

The month of December has come to a close and new data from NetApplications has been released giving us an idea of how well Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser is doing in terms of market share. Internet Explorer, in its entirety, continues to command the browser market for the month of December with a 55.06% share.

In comparison, Google Chrome comes in second place with an 18.97% share, while Mozilla Firefox rounds out the top three with an 18.46% share. Internet Explorer 8 continues to be the top Internet Explorer browser, with a 19.60% share. Internet Explorer 10 comes in second place with a 10.55% share, while Internet Explorer 11 has skyrocketed from a 3.27% share to a 10.01% share for the month of December.

Internet Explorer 11 is the company's latest browser, which is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Within a one month period, we see a huge increase in market share - which means more people are upgrading to Windows 8.1 and/or installing the latest browser on Windows 7 devices.

Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer 11 makes the web 40% more secure just by using the browser. "Internet Explorer 11 is the first browser to make Internet connections more secure and reliable by reducing the use of vulnerable ciphersuites, such as RC4 and by using the latest security standards, TLS 1.2, by default," the IE team claims

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