Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5 shows up in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

With the recent release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has also released Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5 with the operating system. This new preview of the next Internet Explorer has improved HTML5 support and performance.

“With IE10 in Windows 8, we reimagined the browser. We designed and built IE10 to be the best way to experience the Web on Windows. Consumers can now enjoy more touch-friendly and beautiful, fast and fluid Web applications with the updated IE10 engine included in the Windows Consumer Preview,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5 has also been developed to work on touch enabled devices via a new Metro user interface, as you can see from the demo video above. According to Microsoft, this new Metro interface has resulted in a full screen experience for those who surf the internet.

“IE10 in the Metro style experience is plug-in free. Almost all phones and devices are already plug-in free and many sites already run plug-in free for them. To deliver the richest experience, and one experience that scales across different devices, we continue to recommend that developers detect when plug-ins are not available and rely on native browser patterns,” Microsoft adds.

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5 also features several new web platform capabilities that were not available in the Windows 8 Developer Preview, including new CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities such as async, drag and drop, file api, sandbox, CSS3 gradients, and CSS3 font-feature-settings to name a few. Check out the full list here.

In order to test this new preview of Internet Explorer 10, you must download and install Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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