Internet Explorer 10 market share up by .33%, still behind IE8 and IE9 in popularity as of Jan 2013

IE10 market share January 2013

As January 2013 comes to a close, new data from Net Applications has emerged and we learn that Internet Explorer 10 has gained a .33% increase in market share compared to the previous month. In fact, IE10 is growing but is still behind IE8 and IE9 in popularity.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser dominates the desktop browser market share with a 55.14% market share, while Mozilla's Firefox comes in second place with a 19.94% share. Google's Chrome comes in third place with 17.48% share. Internet Explorer 8 is the top Internet Explorer browser with a 23.54% share, while Internet Explorer 9 is in second place at 20.93% share. Microsoft's newest browser Internet Explorer 10 is at 1.29% share, up from previous month's .96% share. Google Chrome 24 holds an 8.70% share while Firefox 18 holds a 8.28% share.

IE10 market share January 2013

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