Internet Explorer 10 inches closer to becoming the top IE browser with a 18.65% market share

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Internet Explorer 10

According to new data from Net Applications, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is still the top browser in terms of market share, beating out Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. On top of that, Internet Explorer 10 is currently the second most popular Internet Explorer version in terms of market share. 

As of August 2013, Internet Explorer 8 holds a 21.65% market share while Internet Explorer 10 holds a market share of 18.65%. In the previous month, Internet Explorer 8 held a 23.52% share while Internet Explorer 10 held a share of 15.36%.  As you can see from the data, Internet Explorer 10 is climbing fast and should overtake Internet Explorer 8 as the most popular Internet Explorer browser in a matter of time.

Microsoft has been touting Internet Explorer 10 as the browser that was designed with security in mind as well as the browser perfect for touch. Microsoft also touts Internet Explorer 10’s ability to block over 99% of malware and has less vulnerabilities compared to rival browsers on the Windows operating system.

Internet Explorer 11 was recently made available in Preview form for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. IE11 offers an even better touch experience compared to IE10, and no word on when we will see the final version of IE11 on Windows 7. Windows 8.1 is set to be officially released on October 18th, bringing along with it the final version of IE11.

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