Internal Microsoft video showcases the Kin phones being tested, feedback was beyond negative

Everyone remembers the Kin phones, a family of phones Microsoft released back in 2010 that were aimed at those who love to use social networks and to capture the hearts of kids. Unfortunately for Microsoft, these phones were dead on arrival due to poor sales. Now, new internal video has leaked and it shows us just how well the internal testing went for the Kin phones.

The internal Microsoft videos were leaked by someone who was on the Kin project. The video shows focus groups testing the Kin and even the source who leaked the video describes the Kin as a “pile of shit.” In the video, one common theme that comes up over and over is “it’snot that good.” One tester even said, “It’s frustrating, I can imagine my daughter would give this back very quickly.” Take a look at these videos and see how technology has changed, especially Microsoft’s mobile strategy, over the past two years. Hit the source link for the three videos.

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