3-D Interior design app ‘Live Interior 3D Pro’ is filled with features, currently half price

Live Interior 3D Pro sunny room

Interior design is a great hobby, profession, and way to raise the value of your home or business. When designing a home or project it’s important to have the proper tools to do the job. 3-D design and the ability to work digitally is a major asset to those looking to make the best projects. Software doesn’t have to be costly though. “Live Interior 3D Pro” is a powerful interior design program that is on sale for $9.99 for the next ten days compared to its usual price of $19.99.

The app’s layout at start looks similar to that of Paint but it’s a comprehensive way to design rooms. You can click and drag furniture, add light fixtures, virtually walk through the room and do a litany of other actions. The interface takes some time to get used to and is a bit crowded but it does give you a long list of options.

Live Interior 3D Pro floorplan

The pro version of the app allows you to print floorplans, export 3-D views in many formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, “create custom materials using photos,” add light fixtures to a room and more. There are three In-App Purchase for the highest end features as well.

  • Import objects in 3DS and Collada formats (via In-App Purchase).
  •  Export to 3DS, Collada, VRML, and X3D formats (via In-App Purchase).
  •  High resolution 3D view output up to 6000 x 6000 px (via In-App Purchase).

The app allows you to edit a 2-D floor plan of a room and then render it in 3-D. You can click and drag items such as chairs, televisions, and windows into a room as well. They have video tutorials on how to use the app that you can find links to below.

Live Interior 3D Pro editing chair

The app has also received an update with a lengthy changelog

  • Introduced Light Editor dialog that helps create and control light sources (Pro only).
  • Introduced Type & Representation dialog for setting object type, origin, adjusting 2D and 3D representations (Pro only).
  • Added Horizontal and Vertical Rulers and ability to add Layout Guides with snapping on 2D floor plan. (to add a Layout Guide right click on 2D or drag it from the Ruler).
  • Added Info Panel on the top of the 2D View, showing the selected object parameters.
  • Links to Live Interior 3D pages on Facebook and Twitter were added to the Gallery.
  • Fixed some issues with importing files and materials in non-english user accounts.
  • Added an option in Program Preferences to choose graphics card for the program to work with. Now graphic settings and quality limits depend on the graphic card.
  • Now you can edit floor and ceiling shape by adding and adjusting contour points. (Right click on the existing contour point for selected floor or ceiling and select Add/Remove Contour point).
  • Other minor improvements.

I do a lot of app update stories but Live Interior 3D Pro really grabbed my attention. My mom is a realtor and my girlfriend loves interior design and I could see this app being added to their wheelhouse of tools.

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