Interactive Medica makes the iPad fit for business

Windsor, 29 March 2011 – Interactive Media has today announced the availability of an integrated iPad application that makes Apple’s touch screen tablet a powerful business tool for the Life Sciences industry. The new application, called IM Touchpoint, enables sales professionals to visually present detailed product information in a highly interactive environment, increasing the quality and effectiveness of the sales call whilst also collecting key data about the meeting. An industry first, IM Touchpoint was developed in conjunction with two Pharma clients, who tested it ‘live’ in the field in real customer interactions. Both companies are now successfully using the finalised version of the application.

By capturing key data elements in real-time, such as the amount of time spent on each subject area, the flow of page navigation and a questionnaire facility, valuable marketing information can be made immediately accessible to product teams. As well as providing point of contact marketing information, IM Touchpoint allows companies to build comprehensive customer profiles, giving sales directors powerful insight into how products, solutions and propositions are resonating with the market. Sales and marketing teams can then zero in on the critical interest areas of their customers and build powerful propositions with key messages for their sales teams to communicate.

“The launch of the iPad has been greeted with much fanfare by the Life Sciences industry as it offers an interactive and intuitive way of engaging customers and prospects. IM Touchpoint has already proven that the iPad can deliver tangible benefits for companies seeking innovative ways to more effectively communicate with their clients.” said Richard Jenkinson, CEO, Interactive Medica.

“Sales professionals have a limited amount of time to make a big impact during sales calls, but with this new application they can now fully engage their audience, safe in the knowledge that a digital footprint of the meeting will be instantly uploaded into their CRM system. It’s an immensely potent offering because the data it generates enables Pharma companies to approach sales and marketing more intelligently, paving the way for businesses to significantly grow their bottom line,” he continued.

IM Touchpoint integrates with the Interactive Medica Application Suite, but unlike other iPad applications it can also integrate with other CRM systems. This means that companies can hit the ground running and don’t have to worry about the compatibility of their IT systems.

For more information, please contact Interactive Medica.

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