Intel’s upcoming touchscreen devices to sell as little as $200 won’t be running Windows 8


According to a recent report, Intel’s CEO believes that prices for Windows 8 touch screen devices will drop drastically, as low as $200! Now, further clarification has revealed that Intel will be selling these devices with Google’s Android operating system and not Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Intel’s CEO had mentioned that the company was working on cheaper priced touchscreen devices but made no mention of what operating system it was going to run. According to Dadi Perlmutter, Intel Executive VP and Chief Product Officer, the cheap touchscreen devices will actually be running Google’s Android operating system rather than Windows 8.

However, cheap Windows 8 touchscreen devices are a possibility but it all falls on Microsoft’s hands. “We have a good technology that enables a very cost-effective price point,” Perlmutter stated. According to him, the price “depends on how Microsoft prices Windows 8. It may be a slightly higher price point.”

This pretty much means that we will mostly see cheap Android tablets from Intel. We may see a decently priced Windows 8 tablet from Intel, but it wont be as low as $200, at least according to the report from CNET.

Currently, one must dish out more than $400 for a touch screen tablet device running Windows 8, but it is powered by Intel’s Clover Trail Atom processor. Intel is betting big on its upcoming Bay trail chip, which is set to arrive later this year. If Intel and Microsoft can come to some sort of terms to allow for cheaper touchscreen tablets, one can only wonder how much sales of such devices would skyrocket.

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