Intel’s Ultrabook concept idolizes the future of the laptop

Intel has previewed one of its concepts of an “Ultrabook” with a very interesting looking double-sided transparent touchpad. The interesting thing is, the laptop is running a Metro UI interface and possibly powered by Windows 8.

Neowin has posted an article on the concept of the Intel Ultrabook, as it has been demonstrated. According to Intel, when paired with Windows 8, as shown in this concept, it could be an innovative way to use your computer.”

The Ultrabook features a transparent double sided touchpad. When the laptop is open, it is used (as always) as a mouse. When closed, it changes the whole purpose of the touch pad. The transparency lets you preview the top pane of the screen, but as it was closed in the video, atouchable screen pops up, now to be used as a mini-tablet pane. Seeming to look like the Metro UI interface as demonstrated in Windows 8, Intel has said that it was really “running Windows 7 with their live tile-like overlay when closed.” It is expected that Windows 8 will take over that whole concept very soon.

Neowin says that “While Intel did say that it is Windows 7, the fluidity of the tiles, the seamless of the actions make us suspect that it could possibly be Windows 8 hidden underneath. Either way, the interface they built is the exact same as Windows 8, which provides us with a lot of hope for Microsoft’s next OS.”

The question is, will Windows 8 bring changes to the PC that help the world altogether? Or will it come crashing down, and all of the concepts that go with it?

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