Intel SSD 510 Review (250GB) takes an in-depth look at Intel’s new line of SSDs using Marvell’s latest SSD controller. This is the same controller that can be found on the Corsair Performance 3 SSDs.

Intel’s success with the X25-M has been quite remarkable. Not only has the drive sold more than any other SSD on the market, it’s had a solid track record for reliability and compatibility as well. It’s with great anticipation that we’ve been waiting for Intel’s next generation SSD – now it’s here, the Intel SSD 510. Intel continues to build on their new naming scheme, the SSD 310 is their little mSATA SSD and now the SSD 510, a mainstream SSD leveraging a SATA 6Gb/s interface and 34nm NAND to yield speeds of up to 500MB/s sequential reads and 315MB/s writes for the 250GB capacity. Intel also offers a 120GB capacity that posts speeds of 450MB/s and 210MB/s…

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