Intel to release new HD4000 drivers that offer 10% performance boost, even for Surface Pro users

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During the 2013 Game Developers Conference (GDC), Intel revealed that the company would be releasing a major driver update for its HD Graphics 4000 GPU. In fact, that driver update is expected to deliver a 10% performance boost. The Surface Pro, with runs the same chip, will obviously benefit for the update.

The idea behind the driver update is to improve performance by up to 10%, reduce the GPU’s overall power consumption, as well as add support for the new OpenCL 1.2 standard. The new driver update, v15.31, was actually developed to support the next generation Haswell processors, but Intel is releasing these drivers sooner for those on Ivy Bridge.

Intel is planning on releasing this driver update sometime next week, however, the drivers themselves have managed to leak onto the internet beforehand. If you want to play around with these leaked drivers, download them below, or simply wait until next week. The drivers listed below have a build date of March 6th and are v15.31.2.

The Surface Pro is powered by the Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU so it makes sense that these drivers will also work on the Surface Pro. No word on exactly how much of a performance impact these drivers will offer the Surface, but please let us know in the comments below if you do try them out!

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