Intel: Our Nokia Partnership Was a Mistake

Not that long ago, Nokia and Microsoft formed a partnership. Intel, one of Nokia's partners, claimed that the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia was going to hurt Intel. Now, Intel's CEO is admitting that the company should have never formed a partnership with Nokia.

As Tom's Guide reports, Intel is not happy with the way Nokia has been treating the company. Intel's CEO Paul Otellini recently admitted that Nokia probably "wasn't the right partner for the company" and said that the deal was partly to blame for the delay in its smartphone chips hitting the market. "In hindsight, Nokia was the wrong partner to have picked."

Back in February, we learned that Nokia would be using ARM based smartphone chips to power their new phones. Intel has been manufacturing Atom-based smartphone chips which was favored by Nokia and their Meego Operating system prior to the partnership. But now, Nokia will have to switch to ARM based chips which are the only chips compatible for Windows Phone Operating System.

Intel was also asked if they would ever consider producing ARM based chips. Intel's CEO Otellini argued against the idea saying that the company did indeed have a license to do it, but it would be against the company's best interest. Especially when it would eat into Intel's profits.

Intel expects to be a major player in the smartphone market during the first half of 2012 with the introduction of its low-power Medfield processor. Intel is also working on an iPhone-like Android phone for Google lovers.

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