Intel to Launch 'Cloverview' Chip in Time for Windows 8

According to reports, Intel is planning on launching its "Cloverview" chips which are aimed at tablets. Intel also plans on launching these chips by the time Microsoft releases its next generation operating system, Windows 8.

Intel is hoping its Cloverview processor for Windows 8 will be a strong competitor to rivals in the tablet and netbook market. Intel's Director of Product and Tech Media Relations, Bill Kircos, stated that Intel's ipcoming platform with Microsoft's Windows 8 will be a "nice one-two chip-software punch." Intel's Cloverview chips are being designed around Windows 8.

Kircos did not offer a timetable on when we could see the chips but he did say that it would happen by the time Windows 8 was released, even sooner. We are expecting to see Windows 8 next year.

Intel's Cloverview chip is a 32-nanometer processor and is aimed to become a serious competitor in the mobile computer-chip arena. Intel is hoping to use this chip on devices such as tablets and smartphones. Intel is planning on rivaling chips that are dominated by ARM holdings and made by vendors such as Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung, and Texas Instruments.

In addition to the Cloverview, Intel is rolling out its "Cedar Trail" platform for tablets that we should see toward the end of 2011, and its "Medfield" chips for smartphones which should be in devices that hit the market in early 2012.

Intel is also working on a new notebook segment called "ultrabooks", which are Intel powered laptops that offer tablet-like features.

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