Intel AMT Exploit does not have impact on Microsoft Surface devices

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Surface users worried about the security of their device have one less thing to be concerned about. According to a blog post from Microsoft, the recent Intel "Active Management Technology" vulnerability won't be having any effect on devices in the Surface lineup. Since nothing specific was stated regarding which Surface devices are immune, it's safe to assume that any product with "Surface" in the name should be fine.

Intel amt exploit does not have impact on microsoft surface devices - onmsft. Com - june 1, 2017

If you aren't using a Surface product and want to know if your device is in any danger, you can do so pretty easily. Intel has a tool out on their website that will take a quick peek at your device, and tell you whether or not it's vulnerable. The Intel website also has a page that explains in detail what the vulnerability is and recommendations for what to do about it.

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