Intel 25nm SSD 320 Review

AnandTech takes a look at Intel's latest 320 series of SSDs. The major differentiating factor between the 320 series and the high end 510 series of Intel SSDs is that the 320 makes use of an Intel developed SSD controller whereas the 510 uses a Marvell controller with Intel firmware. The 320 is essentially the third generation of Intel's line of SSDs which included the G1 and G2.

The 320 series is targeted at the mainstream consumer with a focus on increasing performance and cutting prices. The 80GB 320 is priced at $159 while the 120GB is priced at $209. In comparison, the 510 series starts at $284 for the 120GB. Performance is comparable to last year's popular SandForce SF-1200 controller, however Intel also brings to the table increased reliability and full disk encryption making the 320 an ideal balanced choice.

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