InstaNote and Dialer for Lync Meetings are two new apps which have been discovered

Joseph Finney

InstaNote and Dialer for Lync Meetings are two new apps which have been discovered

There seems to be a trend recently where internal beta apps begin to leak into the wild. Most recently Microsoft Insider obtained access to two new apps, InstaNote and Dialer for Lync Meetings. These two apps are small examples of how Microsoft has been developing apps and features which build upon their existing products and services.

While InstaNote sounds like a way to integrate Instagram and OneNote it is actually a method for adding voice recordings to OneNote in a unique way. Users will be able to quickly capture audio and connect it to OneNote using a special tagging method for later access. This app seems to build out the audio recording feature of OneNote which is lacking. Being able to access specific points in a recording can be difficult but hopefully InstaNote will make it all better.

Dialer for Lync Meetings has a very straight forward name and the app has a very simple job. The leaked beta app aims to make it easy for people to call into Lync (now Skype for Business) meetings using their standard network calling. The ability to call into Lync Meetings is achievable by calling a specific number, however this app looks to make the process easier and faster without dialing long conference call numbers.

These two apps are currently in internal beta and not available for testing or trying out. Even if you could get the apps installed they require Microsoft employee accounts to login. With apps like this which tie into bigger Microsoft products the only way to really test the app would be to login and see how the integration works.