Instagram introduces new look, logo - will Windows 10 Mobile app make the cut? (update: it will!)

Just a little over two weeks ago Microsoft announced that Facebook would be finally delivering its set of Windows 10 apps to the Windows Store. Included in that set of apps was a new Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile, which delivered a whole set of new features that finally brought the app up-to-par with the iOS and Android versions.  Today, though, Instagram is announcing a new look and logo, which makes us wonder if the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app is already outdated.

The blog post, seen here, makes mention of an updated icon and app design for Instagram. It also mentions improvements on how the Instagram app looks on the inside, with a simpler design that puts more focus on photos and videos without changing the navigation method.

The new Iook of Instagram
The new look of Instagram

At the end of their blog post, Instagram notes that over 80 million photos and videos are shared on their services each day. However, with a recent Kantar report indicating that many Windows Phone users are ditching the platform for Android, we wonder if the Windows 10 Mobile app will even see this new look.  We will, though, keep an eye out for any possible updates, and will be here to report it if this new look indeed rolls out to Windows 10 Mobile.

Update: As Facebook tells Neowin, the app "will be updated later this week with the new redesign." Good, if somewhat unexpected news for beleaguered Windows phone fans.

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