Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile to be retired on April 30

Laurent Giret

Windows 10 Mobile users are about to lose their official Instagram app at the end of the month. Instagram has started notifying users of the Windows 10 Mobile app that it will no longer be available starting April 30, and asking users to use the web app after that date.

We have to see this notification appear on our own Windows 10 Mobile devices, but Reddit user HimbeersaftLP shared the following screenshot yesterday (via Neowin).


For now, it looks like the Instagram for Windows 10 PCs, which remains one of the top free apps in the Microsoft Store is safe. Windows 10 Mobile is in a different situation, as the mobile OS will no longer be supported after December 2019. With an overwhelming majority of smartphone owners using iOS and Android, Windows 10 Mobile will likely continue to lose some high-profile apps.

The Microsoft Store on Windows 10 Mobile is in a weird place these days, as it has been promoting desktop apps like iTunes, Edge extensions, PC games, and other content unavailable on the mobile platform. Some popular apps like WhatsApp continue to get updates, and so do Microsoft’s stock apps, but it’s becoming pretty sad to use Windows 10 Mobile during its last year of support. Unfortunately, we’ve come to a point where the fun mostly comes from hackers trying to run Windows 10 on ARM on these old Windows phones.