Inspire 2019: Azure Lighthouse, a new single environment to manage Azure resources across customers

Microsoft is making several announcements ahead of its Inspire partner conference today, and one of the most important news for Azure customers is the launch of Azure Lighthouse this month. Azure Lighthouse will provide service providers a single environment to manage Azure resources across different customers

“Azure Lighthouse is powered by 
Azure delegated resource
 management, a new capability built 
on the Azure Resource Manager 
(ARM) foundation,” explained Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure. “Through a logical projection of customer 
resources onto a service provider’s tenant context, it unlocks multiple customer, cross-tenant views and operations. Customers and partners decide on the precise scope of the projection, as well as the role-based access desired.”

Inspire 2019: azure lighthouse, a new single environment to manage azure resources across customers - onmsft. Com - july 11, 2019

Azure Lighthouse should provide a better managed Azure experience for customers, Microsoft has developed this solution hand-in-hand with partners such as Rackspace and Sentia. Microsoft says that Azure Lighthouse will be available to partners in July, and you can can learn more information about it on this page.

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