InFocus announces the Kangaroo Notebook modular PC for sharing with multiple users -
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InFocus announces the Kangaroo Notebook modular PC for sharing with multiple users

InFocus is still thinking outside of the box with their latest products. Earlier this week we reported about their new Mondopad Ultra announced to contend with Microsoft's Surface Hub, yet at a cheaper price. Today, InFocus is announcing another budget-friendly device that is targeted towards general consumers: the Kangaroo Notebook.

This new notebook has a unique spin on classic notebooks. Instead of providing you one single notebook computer that allows you and other users to share space and resources, you very plainly get two computers instead.

With a notebook shell, the computer modules can be inserted interchangeably depending on which you want to use. If you want to share one with another user, they'll have their own space to use up even if it is only 32GB of storage. Likewise, you could split the computers between your casual module and your work module, keeping everything safe and secret.

The dock for the Mini PCs is unique for the Kangaroo Notebook meaning that these little modules will not work with other displays. The shell is an 11.6 inch HD display with a full keyboard, webcam, one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and a headphone jack as is basic with a standard notebook.

The two identical PC modules include only 2GB of RAM, an eMMC storage of 32GB, and the Intel Z83350 Cherrytrail CPU. Of course, both of them also include a full version of Windows 10 as well.

Ben Chu, head of Kangaroo sales  at InFocus explained in the announcement:

“With Kangaroo Notebook, we put the power to create private, individualized computing experiences directly into the hands of our customers,” said Ben Chu, head of Kangaroo sales. “The modular design of this new mobile computing bundle gives our customers a different level of flexibility and control over how they want to manage personal computing, particularly in the home.”

The Kangaroo Notebook is only going to be released for sale on Newegg for a very low price tag of $299.99. Be on the lookout for it around mid-October.

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