Infinity Ward explains why CoD: Ghosts is 720p on Xbox One


Recent rumors have been claiming that the Xbox One would only be able to run the upcoming first person shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts at 720p. It appears this rumor is correct, and Infinity Ward have kindly explained why such resolution is being outputted on Xbox One, as the Playstation 4 can display CoD: Ghosts at a blistering 1080p natively.

According to Eurogamer, Infinity Ward claims that the reason CoD: Ghosts is unable to run at 1080p on Xbox One is due to the way the console allocates resources. 10 percent of the GPU is reserved for the Xbox One’s heavy operating system, which means CoD: Ghosts would be unable to run at 1080p at 60fps.

Infinity Ward continues, claiming that CoD: Ghosts still looks great on Xbox One. It appears that it isn’t the case of the Xbox One being underpowered when it comes to 1080p processing, because tests at Infinity Ward claim that it ‘can’ do it, just not at 60fps. It seems FPS is far more important right now.

Of course, Xbox One is still able to output at 1080p, much like the Xbox 360 and PS3 do. So if you’re wondering whether or not CoD: Ghosts will work on your Full HD TV, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

Xbox One is set to launch on November 22nd for $499, with CoD: Ghosts being one of many launch titles for the console.

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