Arcade game 'Infinity Runner' now available on Xbox One

Infinity Runner now available on Xbox One

The latest arcade game for Xbox One, Infinity Runner, is set to be released tomorrow, April 22nd. Originally released on Steam, Infinity Runner is now headed for Xbox One. Infinity Runner follows the story of The Infinity, the biggest spaceship ever created at 150 miles long and 30 miles wide. The Infinity's mission was to find a new planetary home for humankind. Instead it has become a spaceship laboratory with sinister creations.

You are a prisoner and your mission is to escape the ship by running through The Infinity in a marathon attempt at escaping the massive ship.  This first-person runner adds elements of hardcore parkour and fast reflexes as you battle your way to the end of The Infinity. The constant changing of the ships corridors will keep you on your toes as new challenges and obstacles.

Here is a short gameplay video to give you a sense of what to expect from Infinity Runner.

Infinity Runner is available April 22nd for Xbox One for just $6.99. So pick it up for some fun via the download link below.

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