Indiegogo project NexDock laptop dock for Windows 10 Mobile overcomes setback, shipping in August

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Continuum functionality is a valuable feature of Windows 10 Mobile. Attach a keyboard and mouse to a Windows phone and project to an external screen somehow, and Windows 10 apps run in a desktop mode that’s far easier to navigate and use for real productivity than running the same apps on a relatively tiny smartphone screen.

Continuum isn’t limited to Microsoft’s own accessories, of course, and one of the more interesting we’ve seen is the NexDock Indiegogo project that offers up a notebook-like accessory that plugs into a USB-C port on a Windows 10 Mobile device and acts just like a notebook.

While NexDock blew past its funding requirements of $300,000 with a cool $362,825 raised from 2,675 backers, an issue at factory manufacturing the devices delayed shipments a bit. The NexDock team projected a 45 day window for shipment, starting around July 8, 2016, and they’re now confirming a mid-August shipment date (via Windows Central).

In an update on the Indiegogo site:

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick update on the (re)manufacturing of NexDocks.

After having checked all boxes one by one, our ODM concluded that none of the units that sustained the fire are in a condition that can be restored to pass the odor and color tests. Therefore, you will all receive newly manufactured NexDocks.

One of the main reasons of why (re)manufacturing of NexDocks takes 45 days is the lead time of LCD screens – it’s rather long due to manufacturing being backed up. There’s a bit of good news though: Since there were around 900 LCD screens that have not been affected by the fire, our ODM will be able to expedite 900 NexDocks, which are now expected to be shipped by mid-August.

The rest of the units are still due to be shipped at the end of August as we previously reported.

And so, if you’re on the list to received one of these fascinating Windows 10 Mobile accessories, then that should be some good news. Let us know in the comments if you have a NexDock on order and how excited you are to (hopefully) receive it next month.