Indie developer Re-logic's Terraria coming to Windows Phone on Friday


If you're a fan of indie games, you must've heard about Terraria, a popular game which available on all major platforms (except Windows Phone), including PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS and more. As for Windows Phone, the app was announced almost a year ago, but it seems the wait might be over soon.

The developer took it to Facebook recently and announced Terraria will hit the Windows Phone Store on Friday. Best of all, it will come with Xbox Live integration on board.

The game doesn't offer eye-popping graphics, but it has received its fair share of success on other platforms. Basically, its an action-packed sandbox adventure where you, as the description says, "dig, fight, explore, build." You have to go through dozens of challenging environments, and crafts several items. During you exploration, you may have to fight deadly enemies and survive.

The app will, most probably, come with a price tag as far as we can guess. It's available for both Android and iOS for $4.99, so it's not too irrational to assume we'll get a similar price tag for Windows Phone as well. Additionally, it's also expected to hit the Xbox One as well, but there's no definite date available. We'll update you as soon as the developer mentions anything.

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