India’s e-retailer Flipkart won’t make Windows 8 tablets until there is a demand for it


India's e-retailer Flipkart won't make Windows 8 tablets until there is a demand for it

India’s largest retailer Flipkart doesn’t see a value in making Windows 8-powered tablets. The company has clearly stated that until there is a demand of Windows tablets, it is not planning to produce it.

Over the past few months, Flipkart has forayed into several new segments. Earlier this year, it acquired the apparel and clothing mammoth Myntra, and recently launched several tablets under the Digiflip brand.

Earlier this week, the company added five new tablets to its portfolio —  all of which run on Android. When asked why Flipkart isn’t producing Windows tablets, Michael Adani, Flipkart’s VP, cited poor demand. “Our plans are demand driven, we have limited resources so we focus on what is popular. As we talk to customers or we see reviews, we will add (Windows tablets) to our portfolio if we feel there is a need,” he said.

But at the same time, Flipkart says that it will start making Windows tablets, should consumer’s preference change. “No. That’s a solid no for now (for Windows tablets). But (if people want it) we are open to it,” said Adani.

What’s your thought on this? Do you think Flipkart should make Windows tablets as it will help more people become aware of such products?