Indian woman develops Windows Phone “auto reply” app to help her husband manage time

Remember the good old days when software was made in garages and bedrooms? Well, it still happens today. Sadiya, a stay-at-home mother of two from Pune, India, noticed how much time her husband spent on his phone before leaving the office. He would check his calendar, reply to emails and set his vacation responses. So, she set about creating an app to reduce that time and allow him to spend more time at home.

For two years, she spent a few hours every day working on a solution. The result was IO3. It doesn’t just auto reply. You can tell it when you will be out, and it will automatically cancel events on your calendar schedule. It will also remind you of pending meetings while you’re out. 

“When I started developing, Windows Phone 8.1 was the only operating system with an out-of-office feature”, said Sadiya, a 32-year old electronics and telecommunication engineer who enjoys cooking, playing with her kids, and shopping. “Initially, I faced a lot of issues and went back to the drawing board to learn Exchange functionality in detail”.

Sadiya working

When asked why she became a developer, she explained, “I have never worked [for a company] before, even though I am an electronics and telecommunication engineer. I got intrigued about mobile apps and Windows Phone, and it seemed a natural progression. I made a profile on MSDN, posted my queries, and got motivated.”

Sadiya started by devoting only a few hours to code the app. It was only during the last six months of development that she gave 40 hours a week to the project. “I believe Windows as a platform is easy and simple to master. There are more Windows-based computers and laptops than other operating system for designing and developing apps,” she adds.

Sadiya had this to say about advice for fellow app developers: “I would advise everyone do detailed storyboarding using PowerPoint and the TFS Storyboarding add-in. This helps you brainstorm the idea before starting on development. I created the entire prototype [for IO3] and was able to show everyone my idea visually.”

With India being such a large market for Windows Phone, we hope to see more stories like this from that region.

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