India may soon get the Surface, "the perfect device to showcase Windows 10"

India will soon get the Surface devices, maybe around the launch of Windows 10

This year at the Worldwide Partner Conference this year Microsoft didn't share a whole lot of details concerning new products, but Surface did get some news concerning its retail channels. Currently the Surface can only be purchased directly from Microsoft or from a couple hundred retail partners like Best Buy, Fry's, Costco, Walmart, but soon there will be a few thousand resellers of the device. Opening up the retail channels also opens the device to more markets.

Neowin picked up on The Times of India interview with Vineet Durani, Director - Windows Business Group at Microsoft (India) who said Surface would be coming to India, without much further detail. However Durani did say,

"We feel there's a market in India for all devices including high-end convertibles and the Surface is the perfect device to showcase Windows 10, which adapts to 2-in-1s easily with seamless switching between PC and tablet UIs,"

This statement alludes to Microsoft releasing the Surface after or on the launch of Windows 10 on July 29th. Microsoft has already commented they will be selling Surface devices with Windows 10 preloaded and that may also coincide with when devices will come to their new retail channels and new markets like India. Hopefully this will all become more clear after July 29th when Windows 10 has launched and there is less mystery surrounding the launch devices.

Previously Microsoft didn't target India because of "the price sensitive nature of the market" and the Surface is a premium device with a big price tag. In these markets the Surface could be hurt by the pricey extras which most users would want such as the keyboard and pen. Instead of releasing a flop Microsoft had previously taken a pass. Now with a couple versions at different price points Microsoft must see the Indian market as more viable.

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