Independent rendering brings big speed improvements to Edge in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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We've got another post from the Windows Blog, here to dump tons of knowledge on you regarding the future of the operating system. This time it's all in reference to the future of the Edge browser - specifically, the addition of a slick new independent rendering system. The technique was introduced way back in the days of Internet Explorer 11 and is being majorly improved along with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Those who want a comprehensive look at the improvements should really take a look at the blog - it's an in-depth look at the code behind this rendering technology, which should come in handy for web developers. The article will give you a look at not only what's improving - with things like responsive animation and "silk smooth scrolling" - but what developers can do to accommodate the tweaks.

While the new rendering improvements don't add much functionality, the browser doesn't necessarily need any sweeping changes. Improvements to speed and the smoothness of Edge should be more than enough to satisfy most users.

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