Independent developer working on Context Menu Search extension for Microsoft Edge

Are you a recent convert from Chrome to Edge and don't use Bing/Cortana in Windows 10? Then you might find the "Ask Cortana" or the "Bing lookup" feature in the right-click menu a bit annoying and pointless. Fortunately, a new extension for Microsoft Edge is begin developed by a Redditor going by the name of Dharak Vasavda.

This extension allows users to web search with a right click, but contrary to Bing Lookup, you can use a broad variety of search engines. They are in fact so many search engine choices that some may consider it "overkill."

However, it is great to see this developer begin so enthusiastic and eager to implement as many features as possible to the seemingly anemic Edge browser.

No official release date has been revealed, but the developer is doing an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit, so you can go and ask him yourself whatever questions about the extension that come to mind.

They are also accepting requests, so if you come up with any features you might want to see, just comment on the above-linked thread.

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