Improved Rockstar Editor for GTAV hits Xbox One and PS4 in September

Michael Cottuli

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If you have a next gen console and GTAV (Grand Theft Auto 5, for the uninitiated), you’re about to get a big addition to your toolbox. The Rockstar Editor is a robust film-making software in GTAV that came to PC players back during April, and the community has run wild with the vast amount of possibilities that it opened up. In its current state, the Rockstar editor allows you to use multiple camera angles, edit in sound effects, implement a soundtrack, add text, and a countless amount of other features vital to the in-game film makers. In September, this suite of tools is going to be made available to players on current-gen consoles, along with a strong addition of new tools that weren’t available before.
With the new editor, players are going to have access to a new set of tools to let them refine their creations. Being added is the ability to implement custom sound effects and ambient audio, copy/paste mechanics in editing, and triple the available number of fonts for text editing.When the update rolls out this September, creative individuals on consoles are going to be able to do quite a bit with this.
It will be interesting to see if the console community for GTAV embraces this creative outlet to the same degree that the PC community has. PC players in any community are famous for being creative beyond compare, but anybody who remembers the theater mode back during Halo 3’s golden age know that these film-making tools never go to waste on console players.
If these tools aren’t enough for you, don’t worry – Rockstar has confirmed that more features are going to be flowing into GTAV and the Rockstar editor in the near future. This dedication to keeping the community passion alive is respectable, and Rockstar is doing a great job of keeping people satisfied.