Impress your friends with this cool Surface Pro trick

From the built-in multi-position folding kickstand to even the pen capabilities, the Surface Pro 3 is already a very cool device. A YouTube user, however, has found a new trick for the device and is giving you one cool new way to impress your friends.

In the description for his YouTube video, user Ash Simmonds explains that a New Zealand $0.20 coin was erect upon the Surface Pro 3 after he pulled the device out of a backpack. He also explained that he then had to "play with it," and he proceeded to spin the coin around the magnetized charging port (as the video shows above.)

It's not exactly a magic trick because the spinning metal coin is attracted to the magnets of the charging point, but Ash's discovery is still pretty cool. Nonetheless, we still would love to know if you've ever pondered upon this cool trick, so be sure to drop us a comment detailing your coolest Surface experience!

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