Here are the most important reasons why Microsoft Translator is the best solution for iOS

Kit McDonald

Microsoft Translator has been breaking down the language barrier with an ever growing list of languages and accomplishments across multiple platforms. Claiming to be the most comprehensive translation solution for the iOS ecosystem, Microsoft has just announced two new features for the Microsoft Translator app on iOS.

All iPhone, iPad, and iPod users will now have offline translation support and web page translation to add to the list of text, conversation, and image translation that is already available. Offline language packs can now be downloaded alongside the app to provide quality translations for those times when users can’t connect to data.

The Deep Neural Network previously used for Skype Translator is now available for all iOS.

While Android had already had access to the downloadable language packs introduced in Feb 2016, this update makes it possible for the Deep Neural Network  to integrate with the entire iOS ecosystem. Often called Deep Learning, it is also used by the online cloud service for the Microsoft Translator apps and the translator at The Deep Neutral Network also powers Skype Translator and the Speech translation API, making real-time custom translation is custom apps possible.

Not only did Microsoft Translator become easier to use offline, but an impressive amount of 34 new languages was added to the list of available languages supported offline for both Android and iOS.

Arabic Greek Romanian
Bosnian Hebrew Russian
Bulgarian Hindi Serbian
Catalan Hungarian Slovak
Chinese Simplified Indonesian Slovenian
Chinese Traditional Italian Spanish
Croatian Japanese Swedish
Czech Korean Thai
Danish Latvian Turkish
Dutch Lithuanian Ukrainian
Estonian Malay Urdu
Filipino Norwegian Vietnamese
Finnish Persian Welsh
French Polish
German Portuguese

Following up with the new offline translations, Microsoft Translator also rolled out a new extension for Safari that will let users translate web pages with just a click.

The new extension lets users translate web pages in the Safari browser.

With these two updates to Microsoft Translator, users can feel even more confident that they are receiving quality translations at the tip of their fingers.